Jail Rules

1. SECURITY: When detention staff approaches a cell, inmates within the cell are to move to the rear of the cell and remain there until otherwise directed. At no time will an inmate be  allowed to stick his/her hands or feet out of the cell area.

2. CONDUCT AND CLEANLINESS: Inmates will not; (1) be loud, boisterous or profane; (2) damage, deface, destroy, or waste detention center property; (3) obstruct water drains or toilet; (4) pass items or notes from cell to cell, yell from cell to cell or solicit anyone else to do so; (5) and solicit business for any attorney or bondsman. Inmates will clean cells daily, keep them neat and orderly at all times, and will be properly dressed at all times. Inspections will be made by detention staff on a daily basis for cleanliness and any violations of detention center rules.

TOBACCO: Title 57.21.D of the Oklahoma Statutes makes it a misdemeanor to bring into or be in possession, without authority, of any tobacco product in the detention center or any place where inmates are located. Also included in this law are cell phones, pagers or any electronic device capable of transmitting a wireless signal. If an inmate is in violation of this law, criminal charges will be filed.

4. ISSUED PROPERTY: Inmates will be issued a maximum of one (1) blanket, one (1) towel, and one (1) mattress. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are issued upon request. Razors are issued by putting your name on a razor list before 0800 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Razors are picked up no later than 1200 hours. No outside property will be permitted.

5.  PRIVILEGES: Good time credits, work credits, television, visitation, telephone use, use of the exercise yard, and commissary are privileges. Privileges can and will be revoked at any time for any violation of the Beckham County Detention Center rules.

6.  INMATE LABORERS: Inmates who are selected for inmate laborer status at the Beckham County Detention Center are expected to assist the Kitchen or Maintenance Supervisors in preparing meals, cleaning jail property, and performing any task that is assigned by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Detention Supervisor, or deputy as defined by law. No inmate will give another inmate laborer orders at any time. Inmate Laborers will disperse allowable items at reasonable times as directed by the detention staff. No other special privileges are to be expected from an inmate assigned to inmate laborer status. Inmate laborers are not servants.

7.  VISITATION: Visitation at the Beckham County Detention Center is Saturdays and Sundays from 1300 hours to 1700 hours. Only under special circumstances and approval by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, or Detention Supervisor, will visitations be allowed at any other time.

8.  MEDICAL: The Beckham County Detention Center is not responsible for pre-existing medical conditions, illnesses, or treatments prior to and during incarceration. An inmate shall notify detention staff, in writing, of any medical condition while incarcerated by completing a medical/grievance form. All pre-existing medical costs will be the sole responsibility of the inmate to which the medical care or service is provided. In addition, an $8.00 fee will be charged for each medical service if you have not been convicted of the crime in which you are incarcerated. Example: Doctor visit, 2 prescriptions = $24.00. (19 O.S. 746) If you were injured during the commission of a felony or misdemeanor offense, you will be responsible for any medical care and/or treatment that was sustained during the arrest while incarcerated in the facility.

9.  PERSONAL PROPERTY: After release from the Beckham County Detention Center, personal property must be picked up from the facility within 30 days of release. Property not picked up within the 6 months will be deemed abandoned and will be donated or destroyed. This facility will not package or ship property to relatives or friends of the inmate.

10.  NOTICE OF INCARCERATION COSTS: Effective January 1, 2007, any person who is actually received into the custody of the Beckham County Detention Center and upon conviction or receiving a deferred sentence to serve county time shall be required to pay the costs of incarceration at $27.15 per day as they accrue not to exceed the amount of $1000.00. ALL MEDICAL COSTS will also be reimbursed and may exceed $1000.00 if and as they accrue. (Title 22 OS 2006, Section 979a(A)).

11.  OUTSIDE PROPERTY: All property from outside of the facility will not be allowed with the exception of property taken at the time of booking. This includes hygiene items, snacks, clothing, books, magazines, etc. Exceptions will be authorized ONLY by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, or Detention Administrator.